SYdney, Australia


a guide to organsing an elopement in sydney

What is an Elopement

Elopements are coming increasingly more popular across Sydney and its easy to see why. Eloping is a perfect way to get married in a personal, more intimate environment – without the stress of organising a wedding.

Traditionally speaking, elopement is;

“marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one's place of residence together with one's beloved with the intention of getting married.”

I see elopements as a way to get away from the traffic and craziness of Sydney City and get married in a smaller (or open) more intimate environment. I love photographing elopements, capturing all the emotion, intimacy and adventure that go into your elopement story.

It’s important to choose a photographer that you’re comfortable with, as they’ll be capturing the small moments that makes you’re adventure unique to you. You’ll be able to surprise your day through photographs to your friends and family in the most beautiful way.

My favourite places in Sydney to Elope

Sydney has so many beautiful places to host an elopement – from Sydney Northern Beaches Coast to the Blue Mountains, there is something that will meet your taste.

Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Growing up by the beach, I’d be cliché for me to not reference a costal elopement at least once. Through planning heaps of elopements with previous clients, I’ve come to learn that the further north you travel from Manly, the less busy it gets. This is important for all those couples that dont want a hundred people watching, snapping photos on their phone (it happened before) while you say your vowels. In saying this, I’ve had couples that don’t care who sees, even telling me that they didn’t even notice the small crowd of people behind me. However, I totally understand those who do want to have their marriage a bit more private and person – I mean that’s the whole point isn’t it?

For those who don’t mind people watching, I recommend the following spots.

- Freshwater Beach + rock shelf

- Shelly Beach, Manly

- North Curl Curl Headland

- Long Reef Headland

To these who want to get a little more personal and intimate, I recommend the following spots.

- Warriewood Beach + rock shelf

- North Narrabeen Headland

- Bilgola Beach

- Whale Beach

- Palm Beach, Bible Gardens

- Palm Beach, Barrenjoey Light House

- West Head Lookout

Why have an Elopement?

- Personal

- Intimate

- Less Expensive

- Location choice

Blue Mountains

Sydney’s blue mountains are one my favourite spots for both weddings and elopements. Personally, I’m a massive fan of minimalistic, uncluttered settings for elopements and the blue mountains hits the nail on the head. Having an elopement ceremony overlooking the mountains valley is an amazing choice for many couples – especially at golden hour (sunset) having warms rays of sun layering the mountains.

Quick Tip -

The blue mountains greenery compliments white perfectly. So, I would highly recommend all couples to add bits and pieces of white into your outfit (plus, it makes your skin look more tanned).

Lincolns Rock – Wentworth Falls

Without a doubt, the most amazing setting to have an elopement is Lincolns ‘flat’ rock. Having a flat hanging rock overlooking the entire blue mountains valley, Lincolns rock is by far my favourite spot to photograph elopements. Being only 20mins from the Three Sisters Lookout, it’s a perfect spot to elope – I couldn’t recommend it higher!

Cahill's Lookout, Katoomba

Very Similar to Lincolns rock, Cahill’s Lookout looks through the Valley, however Cahill’s Lookout is a bit quieter. Being a less known to the public, I’d recommend this spot to those couples who want more of a quiet/private elopement. Have a look at the images below, both Lincolns Rock and Cahill’s Lookout have a similar view, just different environment.

Mt Kiera Lookout - Wollongong

Mt Kiera lookout is a viewpoint 463.9m high overlooking Wollongong beach. Located 4km northwest of Wollongong’s Business District, its super quick and easy to get too! Having a fully pathed road up, there is no need for any hikes or excessive walking (no blisters from high heels). The uninterrupted views that the lookout offers are unbelievable and should be on the table for all Cronulla & Sydney based couples