When is the best time so shoot the couple photos?

What 'style' of photography do you shoot?

I always recommend my couples to sculpt the day around the couple photos the best they can. The best time to shoot the couple is golden hour, just before sunset. This not only places a soft, warm light onto the couple but allows me to best capture the couple. I can not recommend golden hour enough!

My style of wedding photography is predominantly based off a photojournalist approach. This basically means, I love to shoot everything. I don't like to stage all my images and force my couples into uncomfortable, cliché positions. I feel wedding images are far better communicated through candid shots, that organically displays the emotions and characteristics of my clients day.

How many photos will I receive & when will I receive them?

Will I need a second shooter?

Second shooters are an amazing investment... if you're having a large wedding. I will never ask my couples to pay for something that I honestly don't think they need. I am more than comfortable shooting an entire wedding myself, given the guest list is >150. By no means as I saying "If you are having more than 150 guests, you NEED a second shooter" because it's totally subjective. Some couples prioritise photos of the entire guest list, and some would rather spend that money on a fine art album. Defiantly send me a message, and we can discuss this further if you're having issues deciding!

It's hard to say exactly how many images will be delivered to clients. Some clients prefer fewer images, some prefer everything; however I always deliver at least 600 edited photographs to all my clients.

Regarding 'when', I pride myself on speed. I typically send out the entire 600+ images 1-2 weeks after the wedding, however this time frame is subjective to the season. However, I give my clients a little taste test of the shots a couple days after the wedding!

What is an engagement couples session?

Do you offer videographer services?

An engagement shoot is a photoshoot before the wedding, where a photographer captures images of a couple. Most of my clients select my engagement shoot add on and use the images from the shoot for their wedding invitation cards. I personally love engagement shoots, they are casual and perfect way for getting warmed in front of the camera in preparation for the wedding!

Yes! Being a fashion photographer before finding my love for weddings, I have been fortunate enough to meet some extremely talented videographers. I do offer videographers into my packages at clients requests. If not, I love working alongside other wedding vendors,

What is a Fine Art Album & are they worth it?

Do you offer elopement packages?

I love elopements and destination weddings! Yes, I do offer elopement packages. If that is something that you're interested, let's get in touch and sort something out!

Having your images in a tactile form is a breath of fresh air in todays digital age. I'm a firm believer that photos are meant to be held and felt and not stored away on a hard drive away from the natural eye. I will always recommend my clients to invest in a fine art album, over a second shooter, over a videographer, over prints. As a photographer, I've received countless messages from clients thanking me for their album. I can not recommend albums highly enough!